UFC Online Betting 101: What the Pros Know

UFC Online Betting 101: What the Pros Know

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Nothing beats the quick, hard-hitting combat of the Ultimate Fighting Championship in sports.  The game has gone a long way from its early barbaric origins of no-weight categories and few regulations to the polished product marketed today. Similarly, UFC wagering has always been an excellent option for astute sports fans to spice up their spectator experience. 

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This article explains how you can boost your odds of winning in UFC betting and provides ideas and recommendations to help you get started.

Types of UFC Bets

1. Moneyline

A UFC Moneyline is a gamble on ‘which fighter will win the fight?’ It is the most common and simplest form of betting. It makes no difference how or when they win. You win your bet as long as your chosen player beats the opponent! However, be aware that your winnings will vary depending on the player’s chance of winning and how the public is wagering.

Expect a reduced reward if a boxer is a heavy frontrunner. Expect a more significant prize if your boxer is a big underdog.

2. Go the Distance

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The ‘go the distance’ wager predicts whether or not the UFC combat will last until the end of the last round. This gambling type includes the second half of the previous match for gamblers who wish to wager an overset in the ultimate game.

Pro Tip: If you’re gambling on the duration of a fight, understand the differences between over/under and go-the-distance bets. The distinctions are minor, yet they could mean victory or defeat.

3. Method of Victory

Do you have a prediction for how the battle will end? If you do, you can select a way of gambling on victory. Some bookmakers enable you to bet merely on the method of victory rather than the winner. Other UFC sportsbooks demand you to select the mode of victory and the combat winner.

Pro Tip: Although you may win this gamble less frequently, the reward is significantly more when you do. Therefore, don’t overlook this type of wager, especially if you have extensive knowledge about the sport or possess a strong intuition about how the fight will unfold.

4. Exact Round Finish

The exact round finish bet is one of the most popular UFC bets available. Everything you have to do with this bet is determined by which round the battle will end in. Many UFC bookmakers will also ask you to predict the winner. When this occurs, the reward increase!

Pro Tip: If you anticipate the battle will end in two rounds, you can wager on both and can boost your winning odds. Even if you lose one bet, it is still worthwhile if the other win is big. 

However, be mindful that your losses will be doubled if you lose both.

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