‘That’s Gross’ – UFC Fans Disgusted as Liver King, Famous for Beefing With Conor McGregor & Joe Rogan, Says He Ate Sean O’Malley’s Spit-Out Chunk

‘That’s Gross’ – UFC Fans Disgusted as Liver King, Famous for Beefing With Conor McGregor & Joe Rogan, Says He Ate Sean O’Malley’s Spit-Out Chunk

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Published 11/08/2022, 8:00 AM EST

The self-proclaimed CEO of The Ancestral Lifestyle, Liver King, had his name spouted by multiple UFC fighters. The influencer’s beef with Conor McGregor and Joe Rogan put him in the UFC news lately. Although some approved of the carnivore diet promoted by Liver King, many fighters found it absolutely disgusting. 


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Recently, a video was shared on YouTube where a supposed beef between the UFC fighter Sean O’Malley and Liver King was displayed, as the rapper 6ix9ine interviewed Johnson. Fans had a lot to say on that note.


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Fans reacted to Liver King eating Sean O’Malley’s share of liver

Earlier, Sean ‘Sugar’ O’Malley met with Brian Johnson, popularly known as the Liver King. Johnson has earned his fame by showcasing the ancestral lifestyle and eating raw meat on social media platforms. However, when the Viking shared a piece of liver with O’Malley, the fighter couldn’t take it in and spat it out. Surprisingly, Liver King swooped the discarded liver and ate it. 

“Sugar Sean and I shared a piece of liver. He ate a piece and then he spit a piece out. Then I took the piece that he spit out and I ate it”, claimed Johnson in an interview with 6ix9ine. The rapper replied that he would have done the same.

However, fans had different thoughts about the video. 

Here’s what fans had to say:

That’s gross bruh

Bro if Sean spit on the floor I would do the same thing

How did liver king end up associated with so many UFC fighters?

I would spit it out too 1. Piece then walk away. 

Is that supposed to be impressive

His liver is so good how come you’re balding

Liver king has to be the most annoying steroid user in existence

I would do the same thing 

why would he say he’d do the same thing that’s actually so random

Liver King had beef with UFC personalities like Conor McGregor and Joe Rogan

Brian Johnson has interacted with many UFC personalities. He has captured the news following his beef with Conor McGregor, Joe Rogan, and even Hasbulla Magomedov. In a video, Johnson was seen eating raw meat and bone, while holding McGregor’s Proper No. 12 whiskey. The TikTok star called out the Irish fighter saying, “If you’re game to try, by all means, practice what you preach @thenotoriousmma … until then, you can call me Liver King.” All this was intended as a reply to a comment on McGregor’s tweet, “At this point ur tryna be liver king.”


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The influencer’s truck with the UFC commentator and podcaster, Joe Rogan, has circulated the internet, as well. Rogan claimed that Johnson was on steroids for having such a jacked physique. “Do you know how rare it is to have a physique like that and not be on steroids?”, claimed the commentator. Although Liver King denied all accusations, the beef went on. 


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Furthermore, Liver King displeased Hasbulla Magomedov, too. During UFC 280, Johnson kneeled on one knee for a picture with ‘Mini Khabib’. However, Magomedov took it differently. He was heard saying, “I’d rather take a picture with a dog.”

Johnson has positioned himself in UFC news lately. His beefs with the personalities along with his appearances with fighters, like Paulo Costa and ‘Sugar’, have put him in the limelight. However, it is established that most of the UFC world doesn’t like the Liver King. 


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