Pete Taylor pictured with both legs in casts - after chasing thief in Barcelona

Pete Taylor pictured with both legs in casts - after chasing thief in Barcelona

Updated: 20 days, 21 hours, 53 minutes, 8 seconds ago

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Boxing coach Pete Taylor is learning to walk again after suffering a “freak injury” in Barcelona.

Pete (58), the father of Olympic boxing legend Katie Taylor, posted pictures on his social media today of himself in a hospital bed, with bandages on both of his legs.

He also uploaded a video of his wife Karen Brown helping get him into the bed, as he told his followers that she was now teaching him to walk again following the horrific incident.

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Mr Taylor said he suffered the serious injury after “chasing a thief” while in Barcelona.

“The beginning of another recovery journey. Freak injury incurred chasing a thief in Barcelona,” he posted.

He also made reference to the fact that he previously suffered a serious arm injury after being shot in Bray Boxing club in a terrifying incident in 2018.

“In 2018 I was shot and severely injured trying to stop a gunman.

“Training will be on as normal. Please respect and show appreciation for the coaches who are covering for me until I can get into the gym.

“First step toward getting home is proving I can manage my mobility,” he added.

Pete Taylor says he suffered a 'freak injury chasing a thief in Barcelona'

(Image: Instagram)

In another post Pete showed his appreciation for his new wife Karen, as he told his followers that he is likely to be wheelchair bound for the next 12 weeks.

“This is my angel. She washed and cleaned my arm twice a day for 18 months. Now she’s wheeling me up and down in a wheelchair for the next 12 weeks and will be helping me to walk again.

“You can never doubt someone who is in your life who is there for you all the time. Love you KB,” he posted.

Pete Taylor and Karen Browne

(Image: Instagram)

Earlier this year Pete married long-time girlfriend Karen in a low-key wedding in Majorca.

Pete previously recovered from a horrific injury he suffered after being shot at Bray Boxing Club in 2018.

During that incident his friend Bobby Messett (50) was gunned down and killed - while Pete suffered serious arm injuries that took nearly two years to recover from.

Then in 2019 Pete suffered a heart attack - which occurred not long after he was in court- where partner Karen Brown settled a 60,000 damages claim against a Dublin motorist, stemming from a collision two years previously.

Pete Taylor has previously spoken about his lengthy recovery following the shooting, and the stress it has caused him.

“It will be another twelve months they think until I heal.

“Maybe after the bone graph maybe. I was in hospital again last week with an infection. So it’s backwards and forwards,” he said in October of last year.

“I am back coaching, I’m trying to do the best I can.

“I can’t just lay down. I’ve got to go back and do something or otherwise I’d probably crack up so I’ve got to try do something.”


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