Israel Adesanya Alex Pereira Prediction and announcement for the fight 11/13/2022 MMA on Aroged,

Israel Adesanya Alex Pereira Prediction and announcement for the fight 11/13/2022 MMA on Aroged,

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On November 12, UFC champion Israel Adesanya (23-1) will defend the title in an extremely important fight. The other opponent will be Alex Pereira (6-1), who has already beaten Israel twice before. If not, you know that, and you are completely different.

The confrontation will be continue and so interesting, given the new conditions and the new status of Adesanya over the years.

Adesanya is looking for revenge on Pereira. But there are probably no easy options in the rack.

Israel Adesanya is now the main UFC fighter, and a lesser known mixed martial arts fighter in the Ukraine. He is loved for his bright appearance and the very interesting fights, but he hasn’t been very well lately.

Africans take a class in mix martial arts from kickboxing. But Adesanya also had the main problem in kickboxing Alex Pereira.

Brazilians have been legends in kickboxing tournaments. He became an amazing athlete here. Mixed martial arts has always been a little boring. Pereira met Adesanya twice. For the first time in 2017, in the Glory of Heroes tournament. Don’t confuse it with Glory, one of the world’s loudest kickboxing tournaments. Then, Israel suffered the most formidable weapon of Brazil’s left side. Pereira lost the next battle with the Ukrainian Artur Kishenko and returned with a victory, before returning to Israel again.

This time, the fight happened in conjunction with the Glory of Heroes event. Adesanya boxed well, but failed not by knockout, but by the decisions of all judges in favor of Pereira. As many as Alex did, nobody beat the African champion.

Moreover, Adesanya won mixed martial arts as well, but it went better than Pereira a lot. If Alex beat people without fight, then Israelis sometimes liked to budge and deceive his opponents with the growth of a jiu-jitsu. However, the two chose their paths only in the end.

Alex became a very cool fighter of Glory. Israeli moved to the UFC in 2018, where he kept in the first fight. The Brazilian was at the tournament before, but his unbeaten streak began in 2017 and ended in 2021. After a rematch of the Glory 78 tournament, the judges gave the Russian artem the victory with split decision in the two-match defeat. The legend’s Brazilian finally moved to UFC. Mixed martial arts replaced the top striker.

Pereira is in the UFC strong. His rematch with Adesanya is only right now.

I am excited about Alex’s debut and continuation. In the first fight, he pushed Andreas Michalidis back and finished all with his hands. He then outboxed Bruno Silva by choice. And he finished the belt defence with a knockout of Sean Strickland in the first round.

This year’s competition is the most important for Ukrainians. Since the beginning of war, the American said Ukraine wouldn’t be able to cope, and she needed to kneel before Russia. And after a few months, he had himself lying around after Pereiras blows. Communication is very weak, but all of all the same. In addition, the win was just amazing.

Getty Images/Global Images Ukraine. Alex Pereira

Adesanya has lost some fan love. From the man who said he was ready to die against Kelvin Gastelum, Israel became a fighter who possesses very great skill and manages to deliver the best. If knockout comes, the African takes it Whittaker also suffered in the first fight. Paulo Costa fell very brightly. But if it doesn’t come, Israel doesn’t force in recent days.

Consequently, Adesanya was very cool with Jan Blachowicz. The giant Polish machine came out to swoop its opponent, but Israel looked great purely on the impact. I did not pull physically and in the fight. Despite the fact that Blachowicz did nothing special to him, he did nothing special about him.

Guys approach the battle appropriately, with respect to training and time. Israel is thirty-six, and Alex is thirty-five. His skills are the only problem for him. The second is an elite striker with great skills. Another blow is the left hook, with whom he infamously left off Adesanya hard. The confrontation is not mixed martial arts wrestling but punching fans.

Whose is the favorite?

According to the quotations from the bookmakers, they believe in the champion more. You can bet on Adesanya for 1.66 dollars. On her counterpart for 2.30. Also, bookmakers are more confident that the meeting will take more than three rounds, this is a factor of 1,65. On the opposite side, two-two:11.

Getty Images/Global Images Ukraine. Israel Adesanya

It’s all absolutely reasonable given the situation. First is the fight based on the rules of mixed martial arts. It doesn’t change much, but it still affects the odds. Adesanya has been boxing in the United Nations Soccer team for a long time and with confidence. Throw it is not easy, it is not easy to fix it, it is not easy to attack it from above. Even the giant Blachowicz doesn’t do much.

Pereira isn’t a fighter at all. Despite that, however, not all Brazilians have the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gene at birth. Since that’s the case, it’s time to decide the best one. It’s nice, however, that Israel enjoys this method of resolving issues.

Who’s more dangerous? I have the idea that I’m Alex, but it’s still in kickboxing, where there’s no chance of fighting. In martial arts, everything is changing from the style of combat to the strategy. On the one hand, flying in cue balls can be even stronger than glove. On the other hand, Adesanya can hit like a cat. Israel is fast, versatile, strong and has a sloppy heart. Anyone can land, and Pereira also.

This confrontation is one of the most intriguing and simultaneously dynamique for Adesanya in recent years. Finally, an opponent who can really compete with him by striking, and even give a higher duel in this component.

The main UFC 281 fight between Adesanya and Pereira will be held in New York on Thursday the 13th and 14th of November. The fight will tentatively begin at 7:00 Kyiv. The game will be broadcast live on Setanta Sports.